“Are you injured?” His gaze dropped from her eyes to her shoulders, and then to her breasts.
“I-I don’t think so, no.” She was still struggling to get air.
“Then cover yourself.”
“Oh crap!” She quickly grabbed the front of her torn shirt and pulled the two sides together. Her
cheeks heated with a flush of embarrassment over his perusal. It should’ve upset her. But instead his
nearness did strange things to her insides. She openly gawked at his square jawline with its slight hint of
stubble, and the thick blond hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. There wasn’t an ounce of him that didn’t
radiate purely masculinity, from his fierce presence to the determined sound of his voice. Her heart
pounded almost painfully at the sight of this seductively handsome male.
“Stay here,” he commanded. “I’ll be back.”
Yeah, right. Cute or not, I’m out of here.
“Give me the female,” Bowen growled.
“I don’t take orders from you,” Ta’breyian replied, rising to face him.
“She’s mine!” he roared, racing toward them.
Ta’breyian caught Bowen by the throat and threw him. He hit a tree with a deafening crack, splitting
it in two. Ta’breyian’s mouth twisted into a furious snarl as the others circled him to attack. Using a
combination of martial arts and what seemed like brute strength, he was both beautiful and deadly as he
fought them.
“Damn, he’s fast,” she whispered under her breath as Ta’breyian continued to singlehandedly knock
the shit out of the advancing group.
Bowen tried to Serena but Ta’breyian intercepted him, knocking him back with a roundhouse kick to
the chest, sending him sailing through the air for a second time before hitting the ground hard.
He swiftly recovered and pointed at Serena. “I’ll be back for you,” Bowen mouthed at her as he rose to
his feet and disappeared into thin air.
“What-? I did not just see that.” She rubbed her eyes in disbelief. Ta’breyian was still busy fighting
the horde of crazy drugged-out creepers as she sat there on the grass in complete shock. Her mind couldn’t
process how fast they moved or the disappearing act she’d just witnessed. It was like watching one of the
X-Men movies.
She gaped in stunned silence as more than one body was torn apart before disintegrating into ash.
Ta’breyian was an amazing fighter. He continued to move with precision and grace, taking out his
enemies with great efficiency. She thought briefly off calling the police but…what would she tell them?
What she was witnessing couldn’t be formulated into words, unless she wanted to wear a straitjacket and
check herself into the nearest looney bin.
This can’t be real. It just can’t…time to go.
Serena scrambled to her feet and took off in a dead sprint. She didn’t want to wait around for the
finale. She’d seen enough.
Wait…evidence! The reporter in her finally kicked in, not allow her to leave without some sort of
proof. She stopped, pulling out her cell phone long enough to snap a few quick pictures before stuffing it
back in her pocket with trembling fingers and running toward the van.
She prayed as she reached the vehicle that Jason had left the keys in the visor. He usually did so and
with any luck, his routine hadn’t changed. When she got in and flipped the shade down, the keys fell into
her lap.
“Yes, there is a god!” She locked the doors, started the engine, threw it in reverse and peeled out,
leaving the park and those crazy fucking monsters behind.
Did that just happen? She white-knuckled the steering wheel, driving on autopilot. Her mind still
refused to accept what she had just witnessed.
Tears streamed down her cheeks and she wiped them away as guilt washed over her in waves. It
started to rain again and the windows began to steam up.
Jay was dead. She couldn’t believe it. What a fucking mess. And things were going to get a whole lot
worse when she reported to her superiors-and the police-what had happened to her two coworkers.
Everyone was going to blame her. And what a shit parade that was going to be, considering the truth
wasn’t even believable.
She deserved it though. This was all her fault. Jason had been out there because of her. He could
usually take care of himself; he wasn’t small and definitely knew how to fight. But ten to one wasn’t
exactly good odds.
Serena knew he carried a gun-why hadn’t he used it on them? Was he ambushed?
“I’m sorry, Jay. Please forgive me. I’ll make this right somehow. I swear, your death and Craig’s
won’t be in vain.”
Seduction of Night
“Let her go!” a deep voice commanded.
Serena opened her eyes and saw her attackers scatter, with the exception of
the one who held her in his grip.
Oh thank god…
The man clutching her glanced up. “Hello, Ta’breyian Wolffe. I suppose I
shouldn’t be surprised that you’re here. It’s been a while since our paths have
crossed, my brother.”
“We aren’t related. This is your last warning, Bowen. Release the girl.”
“Make me,” Bowen challenged, gripping her tighter. She craned her neck,
trying to get a look at the man behind her.
“With pleasure.”
Suddenly the man appeared beside them, but her captor-Bowen-was
prepared, quickly giving him a hard shove with his hand, sending him flying
back several yards.
Serena blinked in disbelief. Everything happened so fast!
Bowen turned his attention back to her. “You’re going to taste so good.”
He wrenched Serena’s head back with a violent jerk, and she felt the graze
of his fangs across her throat like the edge of a razor-
A split second later she was being whipped around like a rag doll and
flung to the ground, doing a face plant in the mud. The force knocked the wind
out of her lungs, causing her to gasp and spit.
Dazed from the impact, she rolled onto her back and stared into a pair of
hypnotic blue eyes. Her breath caught at the site of those glowing blue orbs.
The guy from the video. Oh my god, it’s him. But where’s the other one? She
glanced over his shoulder and saw her attacker was on the ground, shaking his
head as if to clear it.
“How did you-”
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