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Guardians of the Mist - July 2012
The mysterious male stepped forward into the muted light.
Seraphina sucked in her breath. The warrior was handsome in a deeply masculine way that made her insides melt. He had a slight beard growth on his jaw line. His wet shirt clung to the rich outlines of his massive chest, which strained against the fabric that covered it.
Seraphina backed up against the wall...
Forbidden Realm - October 17th 2012
“No, Jason, forget it. I am done. It is over!” Mina Moore yelled into her cell phone as she slammed it shut. “Damn him.” She crammed her phone into the pocket of her heavy jacket and scowled at the dreary weather. The skies above Seattle were a typical gray and a fine drizzle fell. Mina lifted her chin and let the rain sprinkle over her face to calm her shattered nerves.
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"“I’m ready to go,” she whispered as he turned to face her. His eyes glowed in the moonlight, scorching her. She stood there painfully aware of her growing need to be with this man, vampire, or whatever he was. Maybe I could learn to like blood. Not that it matters since he’s decided never to touch me again.
“What’s wrong?”
“You don’t want me and it makes me a little sad I guess.” She shrugged, trying to act indifferent. He traced to where she stood, swiftly pinning her against the wall. She sucked in air at his close proximity, feeling his arousal..."
Whispers Of Night - August 23rd 2013
“Excuse me, Mr. Davies, it’s me, Emily. I’m here to deliver a package.” She opened the door and stepped inside. The room was massive and eloquently decorated. There was a huge cherry-wood desk on one side of the room and a sitting area on the other, with a large couch and an oversized flat-screen TV.
Emma marveled at the..."
Shadows Of Night - March 21st 2014
Seduction Of Night - August 2014
Ta'breyianWolffe’s is no stranger to loss and on intimate terms with the pain and rage of losing someone he loved to the Rogues he has made his mission to destroy. Yet he keeps his emotions in check. His dark secret a cloak he wears like a dagger, dangerous and lethally efficient when slaying his enemies. He has lived for a thousand years, choosing to be alone until a raven haird beauty with eyes that illuminate the night awakens his carnal desires and he is forced to confront the pain from his past or lose the woman he loves. Serena Miller is a reporter determined to unravel the mysterious disappearances in Central Park until she stumbles upon a gruesome scene and her whole world is turned upside down. She believes her life is about to end until a tall dark stranger rescues her and everything about him seduces her into his world and the dangers that lurk in the shadows.